Meet Takashi Tsuda from Japan in Summer 2009!

Takashi Tsuda


My name is Takashi, and I am participating in the WCI summer tour 2009 as an external relations assistant and as a translator. I participated in spring tour 2009 as a volunteer only in Kumamoto city and I had a lot of fun and valuable experiences. Because I participated in about only one week or so last time, I’m expecting more in-depth interaction with people from different countries in the summer tour.

I was born in Kumamoto, Japan and currently I’m a student at North Dakota State University in the U.S, studying natural resource management from sociological perspectives. Other than my major, I love to study agriculture, politics and history and international relationships. Currently I’m taking a year off from the university for doing my own study back in Kumamoto, Japan.

I’m very glad and excited that I can be a part of the World Campus – Japan tour! Though it is first time to be the staff of World Campus – Japan, I will do my best helping you guys whatever you want to learn about Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and hoping that all participants will have amazing experiences in Japan!!

(Takashi Tsuda – External Relations Assistant/Interpreter in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

Meet Adriana Sanzone from Italy in Summer 2009!

Adriana Sanzone


My name is Adriana and I am the Education Assistant of World Campus International this summer. It is the first time I cooperate with this organization, but since the first time I saw it’s website I understood WCI is the perfect place for me. I am really honoured and grateful to have this chance and I am look forward to meeting all of you.

I live in Naples, a big city in the south of Italy, and last March I graduated in Relations and Institutions of Asia at the Faculty of Political Science. I chose to study Japanese at the university all of a sudden, but as gradually I went on with my studies I appreciated more and more Japanese culture, customs, history, traditions and first of all the pacific vision of international affairs.

As a new member in WCI I am anxious to come to Japan and do my best to contribute making this experience unique and unforgettable for all the participants. I don’t think there could be a better way to really know and understand Japan then live with a Japanese family and share with them everyday life.

I cannot wait to meet all the participants of the wonderful program World Campus – Japan offers!!

(Adriana Sanzone – Education Assistant in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

Meet Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez from Mexico/USA in Summer 2009!

Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez

My name is Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez, I know it is a long name, but you can just call me Gaby. I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. I currently live in Athens, a small college town in Southeast Ohio, USA.

I am the Production Manager Assistant this summer. I am really excited to meet all the participants of World Campus International! This is a great opportunity for sharing our cultures and learning from the beautiful Japanese culture!

I love to help people so if you need anything just let me know!

As you can see I am a person of only few words so, ENJOY YOUR TIME IN JAPAN!

(Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez – Production Assistant in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

Meet Janice Tsang from USA in Summer 2009!

Janice in Toride

My name is Janice and I am the external relations assistant this summer. As an alumna of last year’s summer program, I know that World Campus International and its community partners have exciting opportunities and schedules in store for all the participants.

I am from Boston, Massachusetts and study business administration at Boston University. Upon graduation, I hope to teach English in Japan with the JET Program or pursue a degree in non-profit management.

My infatuation with Japan started in high school when I studied Japanese and participated in a cultural exchange in Kyoto. I simply fell in love with the country’s unique culture and friendly people. The only treatment for the travel bug I caught in Kyoto seemed to be more travel — and that’s exactly what I have been doing! First, I went to Japan with World Campus International last summer and more recently, I have been interning and studying abroad in New Zealand since January. Though it’s been an awesome adventure, I am ready to come back to Japan — my home away from home!

I am so happy to have this chance to travel around Japan with WCI again and I cannot wait to meet new faces and to reunite with old ones! A great learning experience awaits us, whether starring the other World Campus – Japan members, their individual cultures or even yourself! Be prepared for a thrilling summer filled with delicious food, hospitable host families, friends from all around the world, and memories that will last for a lifetime 🙂

(Janice Tsang – External Relations Assistant in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

Meet Jay Kinsel from USA in Summer 2009!

Jake Kinsel

My name is Jay Kinsel, but most people call me Jake. I will be returning to World Campus International this summer for my second time as your Production Manager. I am from the great state of Texas but I have been living in Colorado for the better part of 15 years.

I can’t begin to express how excited I am to return to a country as unique and inspiring as Japan and I am honored to have this opportunity. I look forward to the countless stories that we will write together.

Along with assisting everyday needs during the tour, I am responsible for producing and teaching our Arigato Event at the end of each city. I have a BFA in Theatre from Stephen F Austin University in Texas, USA. I am excited about the opportunities that our event gives us to really connect and communicate with the communities we encounter.

Currently I am a teacher in Colorado while I work to open a soccer facility in the area. After theatre, soccer is my second great love and if you have a hard time finding me at home, you can surely find me on the field doing my best not to grow up too quickly.

I love to travel too, learn about, and experience as many places as I possibly can and World Campus International has given me the chance to do those things and more. More importantly, I have developed friendships and memories that will shape my life forever.

The journey we are about to begin will be added to the experiences that define us. I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you as we take each step through the summer.

(Jay Kinsel – Production Manager in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)