Meet Adriana Sanzone from Italy in Summer 2009!

Adriana Sanzone


My name is Adriana and I am the Education Assistant of World Campus International this summer. It is the first time I cooperate with this organization, but since the first time I saw it’s website I understood WCI is the perfect place for me. I am really honoured and grateful to have this chance and I am look forward to meeting all of you.

I live in Naples, a big city in the south of Italy, and last March I graduated in Relations and Institutions of Asia at the Faculty of Political Science. I chose to study Japanese at the university all of a sudden, but as gradually I went on with my studies I appreciated more and more Japanese culture, customs, history, traditions and first of all the pacific vision of international affairs.

As a new member in WCI I am anxious to come to Japan and do my best to contribute making this experience unique and unforgettable for all the participants. I don’t think there could be a better way to really know and understand Japan then live with a Japanese family and share with them everyday life.

I cannot wait to meet all the participants of the wonderful program World Campus – Japan offers!!

(Adriana Sanzone – Education Assistant in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

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