Kumamoto City

Kumamoto City – July 2013

Jikei Hospital in KumamotoJikei Hospital in KumamotoKumamoto Prefectural University and Kumamoto YMCAKumamoto Prefectural University and Kumamoto YMCAKumamoto Prefectural University and Kumamoto YMCA

Kumamoto City – June / July 2012

Kumamoto CastleYMCA student dayKumamoto arigatou event

Kumamoto City – July 2011

400 years later and still standing strongKumamoto castleStork’s Cradle

Kumamoto City – June 2010

Balloons KumamotoKyle Kumamoto CastleKyudo Japanese ArcheryStokes CradleUdon making

Kumamoto City – April 2009

awesome volunteersa good looking couplea nice looking couplebaby drop off postbaby postbeautiful people beautiful settingbottle recycling plantcan't wish for more fundelicious I'm sureenjoying the majesty of a volcanoenjoying the performanceeveryone loves peace signsexaming recycled bottlesfalling all overfun at Kumamoto Castlefun at the parkgiddy with joyglasses are in style with WCIinternational friendsKumamoto castleleading a discussion on difficult topicslearning Japanese is funlooking very smartmeeting a castle guardMinamata musuemnice looking couplenice sunglassespikachu teaching classpresenting Indonesiapresenting stork's cradlepresenting the searelaxing on the bussharing clothessharing everything including clothessinging in the parkthanking tour guide and translatorthe staff going all outthe staff saying goodbyethis is sushitour of Kumamoto Castletrying raw horse meatummm yeahvisitng Mt Aso the friendly volcanovolcano receives two thumbs upWCI Romeo and Julietworking with host family

Kumamoto City – Feb. 2008

Kumamoto City 2007

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