Meet Takashi Tsuda from Japan in Summer 2009!

Takashi Tsuda


My name is Takashi, and I am participating in the WCI summer tour 2009 as an external relations assistant and as a translator. I participated in spring tour 2009 as a volunteer only in Kumamoto city and I had a lot of fun and valuable experiences. Because I participated in about only one week or so last time, I’m expecting more in-depth interaction with people from different countries in the summer tour.

I was born in Kumamoto, Japan and currently I’m a student at North Dakota State University in the U.S, studying natural resource management from sociological perspectives. Other than my major, I love to study agriculture, politics and history and international relationships. Currently I’m taking a year off from the university for doing my own study back in Kumamoto, Japan.

I’m very glad and excited that I can be a part of the World Campus – Japan tour! Though it is first time to be the staff of World Campus – Japan, I will do my best helping you guys whatever you want to learn about Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys and hoping that all participants will have amazing experiences in Japan!!

(Takashi Tsuda – External Relations Assistant/Interpreter in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

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