Uda City

Uda City – July 2013

Uda City – July 2012

Tea CeremonyTemple NaraNinja 2012Uda arigatou event 2012

Uda City – July 2011

Brandon and community memberGolfGolfGolfGolfGolfcalligraphy kanji charactersStudent and community member

Uda City – July 2010

Big Budda Nasal HoleDinner PartyExpressionHistoryHost Family BoxLearnNature WalkShareSkillsTalentWCJ-NinjasZen Meditation

Uda City – March 2009

Amanda with a katanaa cozy bus ridea team building exercisechatting and relaxing on travel dayhiking in UdaCleansing hands before entering templedress for success in yukatasEric with katanafun in UdaGreeted by traditional Japanese in Udagroup drawinghaving fun with the communityhost family day with ninjasinteraction with the elderlyjumping for joy at visiting famous templeKyle admiring a katanaLily and Jake in traditional wearLily with a traditional swordmore yukatasNao brandishes a katanaNicolina and KyleFun with kendamaSaying goodbye to Uda: goodbyes are difficultSaying goodbye to Uda: Herbling, a superstarSaying goodbye to Uda: so many tearsShihoko in yukataTraditional Japanese sword presentationvisit to Muro-en retirement homevisit to Muro TempleWCJ at Muro templeyukata on the go

Uda City – March 2008

Uda City 2007

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