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Introducing a new World Campus – Japan Program 2020 Counselor, Magnus Krumbacher!

Magnus Krombacher
Magnus Krombacher

Magnus Krumbacher is German and Norwegian but has lived in Norway for most of his life. He is currently a university student who is majoring in informatics. His interest in Japan was sparked sometime in highschool, during which he attended a Japanese language school. The great experiences from participating in the program twice enabled him to take a gap year in Japan after graduating highschool. During this year he participated in World Campus once more. Hoping to provide participants with the same great memories and experiences that he was provided with, he will be serving as a program counselor for the 2020 program.

His responsibilities will include assisting the technical management and making sure everyone has a meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Introducing the new Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2019, Yunzhi Liu

Yunzhi Liu
Yunzhi Liu

Yunzhi Liu comes from Beijing, China, and she is currently studying Classics at Middlebury College in Vermont, the US. She first became a World Campus Japan participant in 2017, and the powerful experience she had interacting with the local communities inspired her to come back and learn more. She felt belong to the program community and appreciated the great friends she was able to make. As a counselor, she will be responsible for interpretation and translation, and she hopes to help the participants enjoy and gain a great deal from the program just like she did.

Her interest in Japanese customs, history, and religion can be traced back to when she first started learning the language at the age of 12, and she is now still minoring in Japanese Studies in university. She finds a community like World Campus important to her forming understandings of the country, on account of being able to learn about Japan not only through one’s own, but other cultural lenses as well. She also likes writing, reading, watching Japanese films and anime, and playing badminton.

Introducing the new Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2019, Nena Stritzel


Nena Stritzel was born in Belgium. She studied journalism for four years and after her graduation she decided to learn Japanese and now she is a second year student Japanology at the University of Ghent. In her first year she got in contact with World Campus – Japan when Hiro Nishimura came to her University informing about the program. As soon as she heard the stories of her fellow students who went through the program, she knew she had to go too. It was her first time visiting Japan and she had the best experience ever. She believes World Campus is the best way to explore and to get to know Japan in his full glory. Definitely the experience with the different hostfamilies is something unforgetable. She is so happy that she met so many lovely new people that she got really close with. She finds it interesting to meet new people from all over the world, so she hopes to meet a lot of new people this summer and help them have the same unforgetable experience that she had in her summer. And of course that she will have a lot of fun together with them! She is looking forward to meeting you all.

Meet Simen Solum, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2017!

Simen Solum
Simen Solum


My name is Simen, and I will be among the councelors in the 2017 World Campus – Japan program! I am a 22 year old Norwegian guy, and while I speak hardly any Japanese, I will do my best to guide you safely through your journey, and ensure that you get as good of an experience as possible!

To tell you about myself, I am currently studying to become a teacher in the Norwegian school, and as of the start of the program, I will be fully educated to start working. I genuinely like working as an assistant towards learning and experiencing, which is probably why I was chosen as one of your counselors. I am also not very afraid of trying new things, and I hope that I get to do just that with many of you this coming summer! Hobby wise, I tend to use my spare time either for work, volleyball, or games. I am currently working in a grocery store in Norway, which will probably change soon enough.

I was a participant of the programs second session in 2015, and I really enjoyed that experience. I do hope that I can help you feel a similar extacy over getting to experience the Japanese way of life in such a fashion, and I’ll see you in Japan!

Simen Solum (Norway)

Meet Shoko Mizuno, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2017!

Shoko Mizuno
Shoko Mizuno

Hi everyone!

My name is Shoko Mizuno and I’m from Aichi in Japan. I’ll be one of the program counselors this summer and I’m so excited to meet you all and spend memorable time together in World Campus – Japan program!

I joined this program when I was in my first year in university (about 9 years ago!?) and this was the first one that I joined to meet and do something with foreign people before I decided to go study abroad.

I met lots of people from all over the world and we shared lots of experiences. I remember that the more days we spent together the more we understood diversity by
sharing opinions about culture, lifestyle and so on. By the end of the program we were like a team!

Each country has their own culture, so during your stay in Japan you will experience many things and maybe have some culture-shock but please explain your feelings and share them with us because that’s the time when we, Japanese people, also find something that we have never realized or thought about!

I’ll help you as much as I can during the program so please come talk to me when you have questions or need help!

This is my first time to join the program as a counselor, so I’m little bit nervous but I am more excited and can’t wait to have new experiences with you all!

Welcome to Japan!

Shoko Mizuno (Japan)