Meet Jay Kinsel from USA in Summer 2009!

Jake Kinsel

My name is Jay Kinsel, but most people call me Jake. I will be returning to World Campus International this summer for my second time as your Production Manager. I am from the great state of Texas but I have been living in Colorado for the better part of 15 years.

I can’t begin to express how excited I am to return to a country as unique and inspiring as Japan and I am honored to have this opportunity. I look forward to the countless stories that we will write together.

Along with assisting everyday needs during the tour, I am responsible for producing and teaching our Arigato Event at the end of each city. I have a BFA in Theatre from Stephen F Austin University in Texas, USA. I am excited about the opportunities that our event gives us to really connect and communicate with the communities we encounter.

Currently I am a teacher in Colorado while I work to open a soccer facility in the area. After theatre, soccer is my second great love and if you have a hard time finding me at home, you can surely find me on the field doing my best not to grow up too quickly.

I love to travel too, learn about, and experience as many places as I possibly can and World Campus International has given me the chance to do those things and more. More importantly, I have developed friendships and memories that will shape my life forever.

The journey we are about to begin will be added to the experiences that define us. I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you as we take each step through the summer.

(Jay Kinsel – Production Manager in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

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One thought on “Meet Jay Kinsel from USA in Summer 2009!”

  1. Hey Jake!

    Woooohuh! Great that you will do the summer program.

    For all new participants: Jake was great in the spring program. 🙂


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