Meet Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez from Mexico/USA in Summer 2009!

Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez

My name is Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez, I know it is a long name, but you can just call me Gaby. I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. I currently live in Athens, a small college town in Southeast Ohio, USA.

I am the Production Manager Assistant this summer. I am really excited to meet all the participants of World Campus International! This is a great opportunity for sharing our cultures and learning from the beautiful Japanese culture!

I love to help people so if you need anything just let me know!

As you can see I am a person of only few words so, ENJOY YOUR TIME IN JAPAN!

(Gabriela Castañeda-Jiménez – Production Assistant in the July/Aug. ‘09 Road Team)

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