Welcome to Abiko!

Date of Activity: August 17th

I’m happy that I finally got the chance to visit Abiko city in Chiba prefecture. At last, 5th session has started. Abiko city is rich with water and green, and is comfortable to live in. A common point with the neighbouring cities is that the average age of the citizens of Abiko has been going up. Apparently, the average age of the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) members is also high (says Head of LOC, Tanaka-san jokingly). This WCI 2012 program started in June, so now almost two and a half months has passed. For me it’s the first time to visit the two cities of the 5th session, Abiko and Toyota, not only as a WCI member, but in my entire life.

Welcome to Abiko

Today was the first day, so we met our new host families, and they will take care of us for ten days. During the welcome ceremony, we were called by our name and country by the super energetic lady Tanaka-san. After we matched with our host families, we took a group photo. Compared with session 3 and 4, it’s a much smaller group, but I believe that we can make better connections with people, and we will leave in only two weeks, so each day I want to try my best!

(Rie Hayase, Japan)

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