A Day Full of Learning

Date of Activity: August 18th

In the morning after we arrived at the Kinrin Center, we learned more about WCI, and I found out that there will be a lot of interesting things waiting for us. Since we’re in this city called Abiko, we ought to learn something about it. A teacher came to tell us about the city and its history. Although I cannot understand very well, I was grateful that the teacher has taught us many things. We had curry for lunch, and it was delicious! The host mothers can cook very well.

In the afternoon, we started to learn the songs and dances for the Arigatou Event. Everyone was trying very hard, but it was very complicated. Especially the dances. But Kyle was teaching very sincerely. I still can’t dance well, so sorry to Kyle. Paulina was in charge of the songs – she has a beautiful voice. In the end of the day, we did an activity called “take a stand”. It was really fun, and I learned a lot of different things about the other participants. However, I didn’t speak much because my English is not very good. Goedele from the Netherlands was a very active speaker. It must feel nice to be able to say anything that’s on your mind. In the evening, I went with the host family to see fireworks. It was so beautiful! In short, this has been a happy and fulfilling day.

(Yueqi Wang, China)

这是来到日本的第二天,早上我们在Kinrin Center集合完毕之后,在教室里学习了有关 WCI的事情,包括一些活动和规则,才发现在这个地方,有很多很有趣的事情在等着我们.我们所在的地方是我孙子市,当然需要知道有关这个地区的故事,一个当地老师来给我们讲述了很多关于我孙子市的概况和历史,虽然我听不太懂,但是还是很谢谢那位老师教给我们很多东西.中午吃的是咖哩,妈妈们的厨艺都很好,午餐非常好吃.下午开始学习集体歌和集体舞,这些都是为了感谢会的表演,大家很努力的学习,不过还是太难了,尤其是集体舞Kyle教的很认真,可惜我实在是手脚不灵活,跳不好呢,对不起拉Kyle & Paulina负责集体歌的部分,她的嗓子很好,随便唱一唱就很好听.最后玩了一个算是是非游戏吧,很开心,了解了很多不一样的想法,不过因为我英语不好所以也没发表什么言论,Goedele很活跃呢,羡慕她可以畅所欲言呢,晚上和host family一起去了花火大会,在河边看烟花很漂亮啊.这一天过得很快乐很充实,非常有意思的体验哦.

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