Kite Flying Day!

Date of Activity: August 8th


After a delicious potluck lunch, everyone seperated into groups to get ready to make their own kite! Host families were part of the activity too, which made it more fun! Our group’s theme was “anime characters”. I remember seeing Anpanman, Pokémon, One Piece, and a lot of Ghibli characters such as Totoro and Gigi the cat! Actually, I love to draw, so this activity really brought out the artist in me. I’m sure it did for everyone else as well because I had no idea how talented everyone was! Even my host mother who drew Urashima Taro!


It was really the perfect day for flying kites. The weather was cool, and it was just windy enough! Not to mention that Ryokuchi Kouen was beautiful! At the end, our group won first place. “Monsters” coming in second, and “Game Characters” coming in third. Though I think everyone did an amazing job on their kites! Creativity points!!

(Alexandra Goitia, USA)

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