The masuda arigato event of 2012

Date of activity: july 6th

This afternoon we helped the community of masuda making mochi ‘rice cake’ with big hammers, after which we fought for food during an awesome “Nagasi Somen” lunch.

Masuda arigato evento of 2012

An awesome combination of food and fun! I will treasure these memories forever.

In the evening we performed the last Arigato Evento of the second session. Although it was the same show we did before, there was more excitement from the public as well as the participants followed by sadness because people had to go home after or leave their host families. We jumped, we screamed, we laughed and we hoped that the time could stop at that moment; I felt happiness dispersing like dyes in my heart.

I only had the time to stay for one session, but after these short two weeks I really hoped I could stay longer because of all the friends I made and the memories we created together.
Come back, they said. I will come back, next summer if not sooner!

Ying – China

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