Teganuma Park & Bird Museum

Day of activity: 2013 August 6th

It has been a colorful day. I learned a lot and enjoyed it so much.

Around half past nine in the morning, we gathered at Teganuma Park. The rain was heavy, but luckily it became sunny after a while. We took a boat trip around Teganuma Lake. I took a lot of pictures of big white swans and lotus flowers. Hiro and Hideto told us that this lake used to be the dirtiest in Japan, but now it’s has a beautiful scenery, thanks to the actions of the Japanese government. This situation reminded me of the terrible state of pollution we have in China. I think our government can learn from the Japanese government on the issue of environment protection.

After the boat ride we prepared and enjoyed our lunch; we made sushi by ourselves, and I really liked it. I was shocked when I saw that my host brother (10 years old) ate three plates of sushi! I used to think that Japanese people only ate a little bit, but it seems that I was wrong.

In the afternoon, we explored the bird museum. It was really a unique experience, not only because it is the only bird museum in the whole of Japan, but we were also joined by local high school students. We made paper models of a bird together, and we got some basic information about birds. Now I can tell you whether a bird can fly or not by just looking at its feathers!

Before I went back home with my host family, my host brother picked out a small souvenir from the museum shop for me. I think that I will be able to remember this day very clearly even after I came back to my own country. What a wonderful day!

Jerry (China)

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