Personal Day in Abiko 2013

Day of activity: 2013 August 7th

I woke up at 6am today, because I wanted to see the fish market at Tsukiji, and you have to go there very early. It was fantastic! I ended up mostly wandering around while munching on salted and dried baby sardines, sea urchins, eels, oysters, snappers, fish eggs and various parts of tuna. They had so much, and I think I didn’t even see all the fish they had there. I even got to take a picture with one of the merchants. His name was Kojima-san and he comes from Tokyo. I also got to take a picture with his huge knife that he uses to cut up tuna. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat sushi for breakfast; the only sushi place I could find had a huge line in front of the store. I had to make do with overpriced fried ebi (shrimp).

After seeing this wonderful place, I went to the central post office to send some cards. There I met a very funny and lively elderly American from Illinois. Apparently he is a former P.E. teacher and lives near St. Louis. He squeezed my arm really hard! Finally, I did send all eleven postcards, many of which were kamomeeru (a type of Japanese postcard). Getting the postcards send out took more than I thought it would, so I went to get lunch immediately after.

I ate at a fugu (blowfish) restaurant near Ueno station. My host sister, Haruka, had recommended the place to me. The fugu was very good, and they had so many variations; sashimi, fugu-nake, vegetables, rice, and the nake broth. For dessert I had ice cream. It had an interesting taste, but I don’t really know what it was.

After lunch I was in a real hurry. I had wanted to go to Akihabara again, but I only had time to make a brief stop to buy the newest Japanese volume of One Piece. I jumped on the subway to Shinjuku afterwards, to go to the Robot Restaurant. It’s a glittery place with a gilded restroom. They may call it a restaurant, but I bought better food at a convenience store. People visit this place for the show, and it didn’t disappoint. At first, ladies called oneesan-tachi danced in revealing outfits and played different types of drums. There were also mock battles between the ladies and men in robot suits. In the audience people just kept waving glow sticks and giving high-fives to the dancers. There was also a disco robot and some pole dancing. I think it was worth the amount of money I had to pay, and I got to take all the pictures I wanted. I took one with a gigantic shining robot. After all this, I had one drink at the Gundam Café and then I returned home.

Karo Kankus (Finland)

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