Koto Experience

Day of activity: 2013 August 5th

So after yesterday, when we had really amazing host family days, the program would really start today! So that meant that after we gathered we got to hear rules about World Campus Japan, what is allowed and what isn’t.

After those first necessities a man told us something about Abiko city and it’s history. It was fun to find out all the things about Abiko, like for example two famous writers live in this town.

Next we did a few icebreaking games, the first one to learn each others name, the second was just plain fun; the Ninja Killing game. It trained our ninja skills and made us hungry. Which was perfect, because lunch was next.

When our stomachs were full, we got to enjoy some koto music. The Okamura family played koto and kokyo for us, together with a small choir of women who joined in for one song, and their cute 6-year-old son who sang the WanWan NyaoNyao song. It was lovely, the whole concert was. They even played a Disney Medley, which sounded really nice coming from the koto.

Afterwards we were allowed to play the koto for ourselves a bit. This really surprised me, I hadn’t expected to be allowed to play such an instrument, since it’s expensive and we’re koto-noobs. But it was fun, and we were taught the Sakura song.

It was a fun day, I hadn’t expected to be doing already so many unique things on our very first day. I’m excited for what the rest of the program will bring us!

Lisan (The Netherlands)

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