Date of activity: July 13th

Friday the 13th, day 4 of the WCI Japan program in Suita, Osaka. This day is considered a day loaded with bad luck. It turned “lucky” from the start. Just to be here with friends, telling each other our most embarrassing moments up until now, makes a person see just how lucky we are to have this nice, open atmosphere. The guest speaker of that day called it our energy. His name is Mr. Kenji Takao, a skilled sportsman who retired and then started his own business. He told us he wanted to help Japanese high school students to get into sports. After we discussed sports to the core, we ate a nice partly self-made lunch! Meaning we could help the staff and learn how to make yaki-soba! Yakisoba da yo! Then we were ready for a new challenge: ‘innebandy’.

I’d never heard of it before either. It’s a little bit like hockey, but the rules are slightly different and it’s played indoors on a hard floor. At the same time we mingled with high school students from kita-senri high school. As we were doing this I thought again of Mr. Takao’s speech. I hope we might have influenced some of the high school students to keep on sporting. Everybody was completely worn out by the end of the day, but it was totally worth it!!

Inneke – Belgium

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2 thoughts on “Sports!”

  1. Hello,

    Everything fine?
    Is that Louise Kympers we can see on the first picture of your review?
    Nice to see her again.

    Have a nice day

    Her dad and mom

  2. Everything is great! I have asked Louise to make sure she messages you more often. I believe she is having a great time! I hope she shares all her pictures when she gets home! Thank you for letting her come!


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