Session 1 Wrap-up

Time is always precious, but only in Japan does it fly by like the bullet train! As World Campus — Japan left Tama City, we said goodbye not only to our second city of the tour, but also to three members of our family. Although our time with Jackie from America, Lita and Amanda from Indonesia was relatively short, it was undeniably memorable. The amount of tears shed was indicative of the somber mood that morning. Even though my eyes were only red because of allergies, I was also saddened by their departure.

And so with a tearful goodbye to Tama City and our three international friends we brought an end to session one of the summer 2008 World Campus — Japan tour. Although we were all a tad melancholic, our merry band regained its pep again as we met a few new friends. This summer program is separated into two sessions and even though we lost three members, we gained six new participants.

And so it is with eager optimism that we welcomed two more representatives from Denmark, another from America, one from Switzerland, one from Turkey, and another from Japan. Anders, Signe, Amanda, Catherine, Mura, and Yayoi, on behalf of World Campus — Japan, we welcome you into our family. This program offers many things to different people but it is also up to each individual to make to the most of his or her experience.

Like life, this program is not always perfect and there will be difficult moments but sometimes the most rewarding experiences are gained by overcoming challenges. The easy path is not always the most satisfying or gratifying. All we can ask is that you apply yourselves and be open to the many opportunities in the next three and a half weeks here in Japan. We look forward to getting to know you and exploring Toride City, Mito City and Hiroshima City with you!

(Guang Yeung, USA)

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