A Sanctuary in Japan

One thing that is great about the World Campus — Japan tour is your involvement with host families. I have found that there are many similarities and differences between my host families in Ueda City and Tama. Maybe it is because each city is so different from the other; Ueda City is very much rural with its rolling mountains, and Tama is a suburban center near Tokyo. Despite the contrast in locations, both families were awesome! They were so caring and loving towards me.

In Tama, I stayed with the Kitami family. Mie was my host mom and Atushi was my host dad, they were so amazing and nice. I also had a 13 year old host brother named Shun and a nine year old host sister named Ami. The children were so nice and adorable. Even at the very beginning, I could feel that they really loved me, because they tried carried my super heavy suitcase up to the 3rd floor! I knew that they couldn’t do that and I told them that I could lift it by myself, but they still tried to be nice and helpful. Oh, so so so cute! They are also a very sporty bunch. Shun plays tennis, and he is in the tennis club, and Ami swims a lot and can do any type of swimming style you can think of. I was never bored with such active kids.

The parents truly cared for me. They gave me so much food because they didn’t want me starving and it was delicious by the way. They also really paid attention to my health, because they knew that I am allergic to cold and dust, so they always asked me about the house condition.

One of the best experiences with the family actually involved a few other participants and their host families! You know what they said, the more, the merrier! The Kitami family just happened to be quiet close with four other families who were also hosting World Campus — Japan participants. One evening the five families all went to a peaceful park to have a picnic and play with fireworks. The food and fireworks were fine but it was the families that made so enjoyable. The families also went together to Disneyland on Host Family Day! Oh how exciting that was! I was in Japan, in Disneyland! It was really unbelievable for me. I was in Disneyland!

The Kitami family really treated me like their one of their own. They would love me so much and they have become a tattoo in my mind and soul.

(Aloysia Lita, Indonesia)

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  1. Lita….i miss Kitami Family!!
    Also Koyama family and Disneyland!

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