World Campus International and my family!

This was the third time for us to host for WCI. Each time, we look forward to encountering young adults from various countries around the globe, and this has become one of our fun annual events. This is because by being a host family, we gain many things that could not be learned by being abroad for business or as a tourist. It is created through meeting and living with a new family member from another country and culture. We look forward to discussing and feeling our life styles, cultures and ways of thinking in various daily life situations.

This summer, my eight year old daughter started studying English at her own will. This was probably another result of our encounter with WCI and becoming a host family. Although we support WCI as a host family, I always feel that we gain even more from all of you from WCI.

This time, Christine, a Korean American came to our household. As she is majoring in Japanese at her college, she spoke great Japanese to us. Since she has a lot of interest in the Japanese language and culture, we discussed many and various things everyday. I think that this time was also an important one for us to look back on our own country. Our time spent with Christine will continue to be our family treasure.

We hope that WCI will continue on with evermore richened activities. We also look forward to gaining family members all over the world. A final, big thank you to World Campus International!

(Yasuhiro Takahashi, Toride City)

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One thought on “World Campus International and my family!”

  1. I heard that August 8th was the “Arigato Evento”. Let’s go, let’s go, to Hiroshima!
    The Arigato Evento in Hiroshima, and the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Let’s have double the fun!

    I look forward to meeting those of you in Hiroshima.

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