Meet World Campus – Japan 2013 Program Counselor, Ellery Oosterberg!

Ellery Oosterberg


I am Ellery Oosterberg and I am from the Netherlands. Currently I am studying Japanese language and culture at the University of Leiden.

When I was around age 13 I got an MSX computer (Sony). This tiny machine introduced me to the marvelous world of Japanese games. I got intrigued by the manga style. Through this curiosity I found anime, J-Pop, Japanese movies and many more. Currently I am specialized in Movie and Theater with a particular interest in Asian cinema. However studying the language and culture for three years already without visiting the country itself was a bit strange. My goal was to travel through Japan as soon as possible.

To achieve that goal I joined the 2012 World Campus –Japan program as participant for three sessions. I completely fell in love with WC-J. As a student it offered me a better understanding of the language, but I also experienced the culture in first hand. However my host families learned a lot from me as well, including about their own culture. That is a feeling and experience which is priceless.

I was very happy (I was running around from joy!) when Hiro asked me to return to Japan to WC-J as a counselor.

So I will be there for all of you to have fun of course, but also to help you find your ways in Japan and experience Japan 100%. And also if you want to know more about me just ask, for I will do the same.

I am looking forward to meet you all in Japan soon!

Ellery Oosterberg (The Netherlands)

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