Introducing Our Community Partners for World Campus – Japan Program 2013 *** Abiko

Abiko LOC

Session 4: Abiko, City, Chiba (August 3 ~August 11)

On April 20, “Abiko Host Family no kai (Chair person: Ms. Kazuko Watanabe),” World Campus Local Organizing Committee(LOC) in Abiko had the kick off meeting to discuss and schedule the activities for this year’s World Campus visit from August 3 through 11. With the aim of meaningful cultural interactions, we have been working on many unique ideas including experiencing Japanese traditional music instruments like “Koto” and “Shamisen” performed by Tokyo University of the Arts graduated professional musicians, and “Rakugo,” one of the Japanese traditional art comedies. We envision the activities in Abiko will be uniquely different from the past visits.


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