Meet World Campus – Japan 2013 Program Counselor, Alvaro Martin-Mazorra!

Alvaro Martin-Mazorra

Hi Everyone!

My name’s Alvaro and I’ll be one the program counselors this year in World Campus Japan program.

I am Spanish but have been raised mostly in the Netherlands so you can count me with the Dutchies!

I currently live in Leiden and study Japanese at Leiden University.

My passion for Japanese goes all the way back to my childhood with series like Doraemon and Pokemon to name a few, but I started to get more into it towards my teenage years and since then I haven’t stopped.
The First time I went to Japan was with World Campus Japan. I was so excited; I had already read, heard and seen many things about this most fascinating country and was eager to see it with my own eyes. The first thing I thought when I stepped out of the airport was: it’s HOT in here! But that was soon replaced by other impressions like “the cars look like toys” and “there really are vending machines everywhere”. Soon I met up with the rest of the group, all from over the world, and I got paired up with my host family. That week was amazing! I had a blast with my host family and the group got along so well together. All that I experienced the other weeks was just as amazing and unique in its own way, and I cherished every moment. My second time to Japan was also with World Campus Japan and it was just as awesome as the year before.

I have experienced and gained so much from this program that I thought: This year, I want to contribute!

So this time I’ll be going as a counselor!

My job shall be to aid you, with the other counselors, on the rollercoaster ride that is World Campus Japan. Because you’re not only going on a fun trip, you’re going on a full-fledged cultural trip and, I’ll be honest, you might feel a bit rough at times.

That’s what we counselors are there for, to make sure to help you through those patches (we’ve all been through them!) and that you enjoy the program at the maximum knowing that there are people behind you to catch you when you fall. All in all, you won’t have to fear anything cause by the end of your trip you’ll have formed a strong bond with the whole group and will have gone through so many things that you’ll actually surprise yourself when you look back.

See you this summer!

Alvaro Martin-Mazorra (Spain/The Netherlands)

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