Meet World Campus – Japan 2013 Program Counselor, Nina Møller!

Nina Cecilie Phaff Møller


My name is Nina Møller and i am one of the counselors for this year’s World Campus Japan program. I come from the land of fairy tales – Denmark. I’m currently living in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. I also study at the University of Copenhagen and am finishing my bachelors degree in Japanese.

In Denmark, Japan is a very exotic country and a lot of people love Japanese food, history and sports. But that’s not what caught my attention; I have always loved to study advanced language and when I heard Japanese for the first time, I just fell in love with it. I therefore decided to study Japanese, and after 2 years of practice, I travelled to Japan for the first time with World Campus International, Inc. in the summer of 2011.

I had heard a lot about Japan from my classmates; they all said that Japan was unlike any other country and that it was amazingly different- in a good way. It all sounded very good but I didn’t have high expectations since I hadn’t been there before. I could never have guessed that this trip would change my life forever.

I had never travelled alone before, so travelling all the way to Japan -on my own, was something that I needed to overcome. I had also never had a long conversation with a Japanese person, so it occurred to me; what if they couldn’t understand me? And when I suddenly arrived in Arao and met my host mother, I found out that she only spoke Japanese. Outgoing as I am, I normally say something to start the conversation. However because my Japanese vocabulary was kind of limited, and since “steering wheel” wasn’t exactly a part of my vocabulary, I didn’t know how to tell her that in Denmark, the steering wheel is normally in the left side of the car. So how could I explain what I meant with my incomprehensible babble? I ended up doing what most of you will probably try using one day; body language. And it was the perfect way for her to understand and she quickly responded with a “really?” In Japanese. This was a situation I was very proud of and I will always recommend you guys to use it, whether or not you know Japanese.

In Japan I had amazing host families, I made friends for life, and I met my current Norwegian boyfriend Ola. As I said before- it really changed everything for me.

My wish for this program is to be able to show you guys all the amazing things Japan and World Campus International has to offer. I want to teach you how to get all the little details to remember the wonderful places you’re going to visit. I want this trip to be as wonderful for you as it has been for me.

I can’t wait to meet all of you guys this summer and get to know you.

また ね(Japanese for see you soon)

Nina Møller (Denmark)

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