Meet Jana de Bondt, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2017!

Jana de Bondt
Jana de Bondt


My name is Jana, I’m 24 years old, live in the Netherlands and will be one the counselors for World Campus – Japan Program this summer!

I have a bachelor degree in Japanese Studies and finished a study in tourism earlier this year. I hope this combination will let me help others visit and enjoy Japan as much as I do. I love Japanese culture, media and food. Other than my interest for Japan, my hobbies include cooking, gaming, travelling, movies, etc.

I’ve been in Japan a couple of times now mostly for vacation, but I also spent some time in Tokyo for work. In 2015 I joined the second session of the World Campus -Japan program and enjoyed every moment of it. I loved meeting new people from all over the world, seeing life in Japanese homes and learning about the culture. I’m super excited to be there again this year!

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Jana de Bondt (The Netherlands)

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