Meet Jurrien Theunisz, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2017!

Jurrien Theunisz
Jurrien Theunisz

Hey everyone!
My name is Jurrien Theunisz and I will be a program counselor for the World Campus – Japan Program 2017. As a program counselor I will be in charge of several fields during the program, including translations, logistics and promotion. But my main role in the program will be to guide you, support you and look over you, the participants joining the program. I am looking forward to meeting all of you during the program this summer and experiencing all wonders of Japan together.

A bit more about me:
I am from a southern province of the Netherlands and have lived there most of my life. After high school I decided to study Japanese studies at the Leiden University, hence the interest in Japan. During my studies at the Leiden University I also followed part of the bachelor on Chinese studies and had the chance to study abroad and do research in Japan for a year at the Tohoku University in the city of Sendai, Japan. Because of these interesting studies and the amazing year in Japan, in combination with all the summers I spent in Japan either participating in or working for the World Campus – Japan program, my interest in Asia and mainly Japan sparked greatly and I can say with certainty that I got to love Japan.

Currently I am studying computer science at TU Delft in the Netherlands; yes a relatively different path, but one that will most definitely bring me security and choices in the near future. I am hoping to combine these skills with my already acquired knowledge on Asia and work on cooperation projects for companies or countries. In a few years we will know if these dreams will come true, but for now, let’s enjoy the summer in Japan and learn a lot!

Jurrien Theunisz – The Netherlands

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  1. Netherlands, the perfect country! We hear so many wonderful things about your country: education, proper school lunches, health care. Congratulations! My daughter will be with you fo six weeks, lots to talk about. But talk in Japanese of course!,

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