Meet Juuso Myller, Program Counselor for World Campus – Japan Program 2017!

Juuso Myller
Juuso Myller

Hey there!

I’m one of your friendly neighborhood counselors, Juuso Myller from Finland. I’m 23 and about to wrap up my Bachelor’s Degree in English and decided that what’d be a better way to celebrate than to join the WCJ-caravan for a second year as a counselor. I come from a small town of Joensuu – a rock’s-throw from the Russian border – where I’ve spent basically all my life, including my studies. Besides English I also study Japanese, Karelian and Teacher studies, so hopefully one day I’ll be teaching a next generation of WCJ-participants! I also like hiking, skiing, kendo and writing and reading.

The reason that I got interested in Japan actually began with reading. You know, the old story: I didn’t like manga and anime, got introduced to it, then hooked to the culture and POW, here I am, years later, going to Japan for the third time in my life, studying the language and practicing kendo. Even when I started my Japanese studies in Uni I didn’t believe I’d one day visit the country. I had never been more than 2000 km from my home. But everything changed, when Hiro Nishimura came to town. His presentation during one of our Japanese lectures got me interested and I participated in the program for the first time that summer, with no way out anymore.

You’ll be surprised to learn how amazing Japanese food is. Everything I’ve eaten has been delicious, or at least a unique experience. The onsens, Japanese hot spring baths, are the best way to relax that I know, and I come from a country that invented the sauna. Japanese martial arts, nature, religion, history, the whole country is just a fruit basket full of juicy awesomeness. And the best part is the host families. I’m still in contact with my host families from over the years and I’m looking forward to meeting them again next summer as well. You’re going to become part of their family also, as you’re going to become part of the big jolly family of World Campus International. Beware or you might get hooked as well 🙂

So, let’s have a blast, make lots of new friends and memories and expand our comfort zone to experience Japan more than you ever have.

Juuso Myller (Finland)

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