Exploring the Old Established Stores of Toride

Date of activity: August 7th

Today we were divided into four groups, each one exploring a different old store located in Toride city. Afterwards we make promotional materials for the shops and presented it to local High school students. These are some of the things we learned about the shops of Toride:

The Doll Group: At the doll shop, we learnt a lot about traditional Japanese doll making and about other Japanese products such as fans and lanterns. The doll shop is 200 years old and is owned by Mr. Yamazaki.
(Natalia Hansen, Norway)


The Blacksmith Group: Today was a very cool experience to find how a blacksmith workshop can evolve through the ages. Starting from knives, the work has adapted to make katanas and then finally shovels. It becomes amazing to think that these special shovels, that have sharpened edges, originated from the craftsmanship that creates a world famous sword.
(Alexander Daniel del Campo, The United States)

The Pickles Group: I went to the Shinroku Narazuke today. It was a Japanese traditional Pickles company. We tried the samples, and they were really different and delicious. We all enjoyed it.
(Ying Zhang, China)


The Sake Group: Today we went to the sake brewery. The shop was a family run business. The sake was brewed in barrels for at least one year. Unlike wine though, the maximum a sake can age is five years before it turns bad. We had a tasting of it, and the taste had a hint of saffron on it, and the texture was mild. I bought two bottles of sake as well, so I’m definitely suggesting everyone to go.
(Alvaro Martin Mazorra, Spain)

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