Kaguya hime

Date of Activity: July 4th

In japanese folklore there is an old story called Kaguya Hime. A old bamboo cutter went into the bamboo forest and saw a glowing bamboo. He cuts the bamboo and within is a little girl: Kaguya hime. The bamboo cutter takes the girl home and together with his wife he raises kaguya hime.

Today we went into the bamboo forest as well, to cut some bamboo. It reminded me of the Kaguya hime story. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not accurate. Instead of a sunny day it became a wet rainy day. Therefore we had to stop bamboo cutting even before we started, we were lucky however we did cut some bamboo before we went down the mountain on which the bamboo forest was located.

kaguya hime

We went to a small camping site were we had to cut some bamboo into our own cups, which was actually pretty cool to use. Meanwhile we were waiting for the rice to be cooked so we could start our lunch: onigiri!!!!

Because of the knowledge of the onsen visit later on most of us were pretty exited. The day ended with a visit to the nursery school which was behind the host family house I currently live in. Because it will soon be tanabata we made decorations with the 1 to 4 year old kids. It was great!

Ellery Oosterberg – The Netherlands

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