Interaction with U35 ExxonMobil Employees

Team Building with ExxonMobil Emloyees

Today became one of the most educational and fun days I have had during my World Campus – Japan experience. The day began with a briefing about ExxonMobil future plans pertaining to different sources of energy. This especially interested me because it took science and brought it to life for me. Afterward, we mingled and played team building games with ExxonMobil’s U35 employees (employees under the age of 35), in order exchange our different cultures represented in the room. I found that the company’s goal of trying to better develop their young employees to be inspiring. One of the lessons I learned from the team building games is that to solve common problems, we need time, teamwork and motivation. As global citizens, we should try to apply the skills we learned on a global scale to solve some of the world’s issues. Networking and bonding with the ExxonMobil employees is quite a rare opportunity and I am really happy to have been a part of it.

(Raymon Cheng, USA)

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