Goodbye, Don’t Panic

WCJ Class of March 2009 - Kansai Area

spring '09 program 2 kanto area looking sharp

spring '09 class 3 fun

Time flies by like the shinkansen. It is difficult to put into words the journey we just completed. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we learned, we argued, we loved, and we became a family during these incredible six weeks.

It was very much like living in a dream. Dressing up as sumo wrestlers. Examining genuine katanas. Trying traditional Japanese archery. Being moved by the story of an atomic bomb survivor. Taking part in tea ceremonies. Having a picnic under a soft pink sea of cherry blossoms whilst dressed in kimonos. Asking difficult questions at Toyota Company. Visiting mayors and dignitaries. Performing Japanese songs in front of over 600 people. Relaxing in a cat café. Savoring Kobe beef and raw horse. Building relationships with Japanese families in different cities. Making new international friends. Becoming a family. All those experiences seem so surreal right now, but we did all that and so much more.

Now the tour is over but the incredible experiences and deep relationships remain. We all went our separate ways but don’t panic. Goodbyes are difficult and the physical distance between everyone is far but we all have facebook and email! It is very easy to slip back into your old lives and routines, so please make an effort and stay in touch with your World Campus – Japan family. Thank you everyone for a great tour!

一期一会 (ichigo, ichie), One moment, one meeting. All of us meeting and traveling in Japan during those two months was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was serendipitous and as is it was perfect. Goodbye, thanks for all the fish! Don’t panic!

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One thought on “Goodbye, Don’t Panic”

  1. First,I like the Flags. Secondly, every where is important; if I look at the picture no one is carrying an oxygen-can from his or her home country which confirms that every where was made important by God and we as humans we just need to know this then we act accordingly.

    I like the network for it brings everyone together worldwide which helps us not to focus on our differences or historical mistakes created by our ancestors but rather to focus on how we can live and develop as one person regardless of race,colour, disability, among others.

    God bless you.


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