A Day in Japanese Elementary School!

David at Japanese Elementary School

World Campus – Japan visited Takematsu Elementary School of Omura, where I took part in a second grade class of thirty 7-year-old kids. As I don’t speak Japanese, reading class was quiet impossible for me. However, during math class I had a chance to prove my math skills. After having lunch and cleaning the classroom, we got ready for swimming. We had great fun doing different exercises in the swimming pool and most of the time I felt like the main attraction on a playground of 120 kids. Sadly, soon it was time to say good-bye. I received different beautiful presents and even a cute love letter 🙂

Visiting a Japanese elementary school was a great opportunity for me to get insight into the Japanese education system and get in contact with foreign children, even if it was impossible to communicate with words. I’m sure the school kids had the same unique and exciting experience and they will remember this extraordinary school day for a long time!

(David Hollenstein, Austria)

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One thought on “A Day in Japanese Elementary School!”

  1. apanese Elementary School Day….. cute & intelligent children. intrested to know about Japanese education system. keep do posting about japanese education system. thanks for the post.

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