Travel day from Tama city to Toride city

Date of activity: August 4th

Time has passed so fast. Today is the travel day.

Thanks to the Tama LOC, host families, students and people who helped our program, we made a really great relationship. The final day is always sad for me, because our host families were really kind and helpful, so it feels like they have become our second family.

Thank you Tama, I will be back near future!!!!!!

After Tama, we went to a huge outlet for lunch and free time. It was really hot today, so entering shops with air conditioners made me happy. Even so I spent most of the time outside.

Finally the bus arrived at Toride City. This is the second time to visit this city, and last time was 4 years ago. However the LOC still remembered me, yeah!!!!!! I was a little bit tired, but they swept away my tiredness in a matter of seconds.

In the host family matching I was matched with a sweet grandmother who is 83years old. She is really energetic and talked about a lot of things so far, such as world war, her physical condition, family, Japan, etc.

Starting today, I’m going to live with her. I’m so excited to spend time with her. It is gonna be fun!!!!!

(Rie Hayase, Japan)

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