Suita City Theme – Globalization

The city theme for Suita was globalization and I found it to be particularly interesting because it connected with WCI’s main mission of creating global citizens. Suita city itself is very urban and the participants were excited to explore what the city had to offer.

Upon our arrival in Suita city, we were welcomed by the city mayor, Mr. Yoshio Sakaguchi. He brought warm regards on behalf of the citizens and welcomed us to the city during an exciting time of year as the World Expo memorial events were taking place during our visit.

Early in the week we were able to visit two companies. One group of participants visited an egg company while the other group visited a noodle company. Both groups had unique experiences interacting with the staff members in each company. This was an exciting opportunity for both participants and the company staff as we introduced our theme of globalization. We were able to exchange ideas with management and staff on various topics relating to globalization and its effects on businesses across the world, for example, economics and global warming.

We also had another unique opportunity to visit the Asahi beer company. We were able to tour the company observing that the company was very effective with waste management, recycling nearly 100% of all the products they use to manufacture their product. It was also a great opportunity for the participants to inquire as to how Asahi is currently handling the issue of globalization. This experience was meaningful because it was held after our internal group discussion about globalization where members shared their thoughts about developed countries opening up for developing countries in order to have a share in globalization.

Additionally we spent another day visiting two very different companies in the city; the Mitsubosh Diamond Company and Asahi Broadcasting Company. The diamond company expanded our view as we observed their practical approach to building networks across the globe. We had a lot of interaction with the employees there and that helped us to further understand how companies in Japan approached globalization. For added experience, participants were able to use public transportation for the first time on the tour as a means of understanding how transportation systems work compared to those in their home countries.

Our participants grew a lot from the interactions that they had with the companies as well as host families in our globalization-focused stay in Suita city, Osaka.

(Henry Musenze-Mukasa, Uganda)

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