Shorinji Kempo

I had no idea about what to expect about this day and I love it. Expectations aren’t cool…they sometimes don’t let life surprise you!

We started the day reviewing some Japanese lyrics and sign language, and after that, we moved into another room to hear some history and also watch a video about it.

Shorinji Kempo definitely isn’t your average martial art.

For starters, you take your partner as an equal, and you salute your Sensei as an equal. Looking at the other person right in the eye, there’s no traditional Japanese bowing here.

Also, the philosophy of it is very interesting. They talk a lot about balance, specially when it comes to Power and Love. They say, if you have Power only, your actions may become dark. And if you only have Love, you might become weak in your relationship with others.

I think this is quite true, because you definitely need to work on your strength to be able to actually do things that help others.

Shorinji Kempo works on every aspect of the human, from body to spirit. It’s not only some class kids take in the afternoons. It can become a way of life, or at least, that was the creator’s intention.

shorinji kenpo zen

The practical aspect of learning Shorinji Kempo was fun. Only, for me, a little rough. I guess learning moves being the ‘attacker’ against one of the adult Senseis can’t really end painlessly.

That’s what I call physical Japanese cultural learning. That’s culture you can feel in your left arm.

shorinji kenpo physical experience

But, yeah, maybe I am exaggerating.

It was awesome to see the little kids doing Shorinji Kempo, and also watching a father-son choreographed fight. In the end, we had an interesting question and answer session.

I appreciate so much these people that let us walk in into their daily activities and actually be part of them, not only be there as spectators. Little by little you start understanding and loving even more this culture we came here to meet.

Paulina Meza, México

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