Shinto shrine day3 omura

Shinto Shrine and Shorinji Kenpo

Zuvan throwing sensei day3 omura

Visiting Koutengu shrine was a great experience. Witnessing another culture’s religion is always great to see. The shrine’s garden area was great to see and going through the different procedures to enter the shrine was fun to do.

Shorinji Kenpo was also extremely fun. We learned the different pressure points to use to gain an advantage on an opponent point them into submission. I was even able to throw a few teachers around. All the students were much younger than us which made it even more fun when they taught us.

We had lunch at the dojo and were able to have conversations with each of them. All of them were kind and fun to interact with. I think that in the future I would love to maybe continue Shorinji Kenpo. I definitely wouldn’t mind trying another lesson or two. I hope we have a lot more fun with something like this again soon.

Zavon Sample, USA

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