Our English class

As Jackie mentioned in her entry, our program curriculum includes Japanese classes. I as a Japanese, receive English classes from Cody-sensei during this time. The truth is that my English, is not enough for me to smoothly follow the program. My greatest ambition in joining it, therefore, is to be able to speak English, and these English classes have been a great support.

Classes were carried out almost on a daily basis in Ueda city, but to my dismay, beyond Tama, the frequency dropped to once in every city since Tama. The diminution of such an enjoyable time is sad for me, but I’ve instead been enjoying the classes as much as I can.

Cody-sensei speaks slowly and teaches considerately. Mingled with a joke here and there, the English passes seem to fly by. Since he also corrects what I have written, this is my one opportunity to review my own English. I am assigned a lot of homework everyday, but since the program is only a little more than a month, I have committed myself to the daily battle.

Despite the drop in number of classes, I have many allies who assist me in comprehending the English and taking part in the program: the Japanese staff members, LOC members, and fellow participants. Among them, Jackie (mentioned above) always supported me with slow English that was easier for me to understand.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to send out a big Thank you very much!!

I am still very dependent on you despite the program being half over, but I hope to continue to put in my best efforts and live up to your expectations.

(Rie Hayase, Japan)

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2 thoughts on “Our English class”

  1. Rie I love you and miss you very much! I’m so proud of how much your English has improved! I know you struggled a lot but your smile and positive attitude made such a huge difference. Stay strong, girl! 🙂

  2. Good Morninggggggggggg!!!!!!!

    Jaclie I love you too.
    Actually I couldn’t understand when I read first time.
    (So I’m sorry, reply is later…)
    But I can understand just now.

    Our tour was finish, but I had continue study English.
    You know, I have open the facebook everyday.
    And sometimes I does chat with my great friend in the all of world.
    I really happy, because I meet very kindness member.

    I want to speak good English.
    So I’ll go for it!!!
    And please teach me English, my best friends!!!
    Thank you

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