The Canon Company Visit

Visiting the Canon factory was one of the highest points of our Toride city visit. Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in imaging and optical products. This includes cameras, photocopiers and computer printers. This company’s products are located in over 200 countries, with about 115 thousand employees worldwide. The Canon factory in Toride works using the philosophy of “Kyosei”, which means living and working together for the common good. It believes in promoting measures to reduce environmental concerns that are present worldwide. They make these creative mottos to produce a more productive working environment. Not one second is wasted, but instead calculated accordingly for better productivity.

The general manager of the Toride plant gave us a brief introduction of the factory. He told us Canon takes an active role in a wide range of environmental friendly activities including development and production operations, emphasizing the separation, and processing of waste materials and recycling.

The concept of the “Meister system” was introduced to our tour group. A “Meister” is a highly trained worker that knows all the ins and outs of a certain machine. One step above the “Meister” is the “Super Meister”, who can assemble a copy machine, containing over 600 pieces, by himself, in about ten hours. This system is a complimentary program, which gives employees an incentive to work harder, to achieve such a level. This type of rewarding system allows the employees to feel innovative and gives them the desire to work more efficiently.

With over 6500 employees, Toride’s Canon factory shows responsibility and sustainability, in a healthy environment. It has been told to us that most of the employees work in their company until the retirement age. The company is not only interested in the satisfaction of customers, but also the well being of their employees. They are continuously cooperating for the development of the city and the community.

(David Leipnitz, Brazil)

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2 thoughts on “The Canon Company Visit”

  1. Hello, please advise – is there are excursions or tours to the Canon factory?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Thank you for your question. WCI took the group to the KUBOTA factory in Ibaraki Prefecture, instead of “Canon” this summer. We don’t have a plan to visit “Canon” in the rest of this summer program. Our schedule and plan for the next year program will be announced later this year. Please stay in touch with us. World Campus International, Inc.

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