Meeting Host Family in Uda

Today we had to say goodbye to our families and friends in Suita, Osaka. I had so much fun with my family during the week, and I had to fight back the tears in my eyes when it was time for us to depart. It has been an amazing week, and I tried to say goodbye to them with a smile.

When we had just left Suita, everyone was feeling a bit sad. But when I saw the mountains that surround Uda, I began to feel nervous again. What would my new host family be like? What kind of people will they be? Will I be able to connect with them as well as with my last host family? Thankfully, the answer to that last question is yes!

We met our families over dinner, a few hours after we arrived. Each member of WCI was assigned a certain object, which the families had taken with them, and they put in a closed box. Each member had to look for their assigned object by feeling inside the boxes. Thankfully, I found my object, a dog collar, straight away. Immediately after that, I started talking with my host family! They were a bit reserved in the beginning, but so was I. Thankfully, after a while we all lost our shyness and starting enjoying the evening. It was so much fun! We talked about the differences between The Netherlands and Japan, everyone’s hobbies and dreams, family, pets, etc. we kept talking, even after dinner, at my host family’s home until late at night. My nervousness was completely replaced by a sense of anticipation for what will hopefully be an awesome week in Uda, Nara!

Lisanne Pool (The Netherlands)

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