2013 Arigatou Event in Suita

Finally the day we all newcommeres are nervous of has come. Today is the Arigatou Event day.

The first thing we did that morning was to change into work-out clothes, because we were going practice alotfor the evenings event. I was so nervous, because I had forgotten some of our dancing moves, but everyone reassured me that it would be ok. This event was ment to be very amatuerish and casual. However it didn’t take me long to remember the moves again!

We learned many dances, some of them were very traditional dances which almost every japanese person know and some of the dances were more like a crazy fashion dances. We even learned a song in sign-language! We rehearsed so much in such a fun way so remembering everything became easy after a while. Our group leaders were good as gold teaching us.

I’ve heard alot of stories about the event beeing very successfull and a little bit about stuff going crazy sometimes. So it made me wonder how the evenings event would turn out.

Many of us had individual and group performances, like funny dances and very culture songs. However I felt like I had to do something special for my host family so I held a thank you-speech for my host family. I rarely hold speeches so i didn’t know what to excpect, but my host family really was really happy when they saw me up there on the stage. One of our group leaders also said it has been one of our most successfull arigatou event’s ever. Many of the host families went to see the Tenri-matsuri (a culture festival) fireworks. My host family took me there too and it was a night to remember!

Marius Haugen (Norway)

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