Meet Yui Mihara from Japan in Summer 2010!

Yui Mihara


My name is Yui Mihara and I’m the Assistant General Manager for the 2010 summer program. I will work closely to other managers to assist their areas, assisting logistics and will be the interpreter on the road. I come from Osaka, Japan where I was born and grew up.

This is my 1st time to work for WCI and I’m so thrilled to meet all new people, share the experience and discover my own country. I know that I will learn a lot about my own culture from the people we’ll meet, places we’ll visit and I’m very excited for the new challenges I will face.

I’ve been enjoying nothing better than working in an international environment for last 9 years; international school in Osaka for 6 years where I was responsible for operating several programs, admission, accounting and being a mediater between teachers and parents. I left home in 2007 to work for another organization called Up With People where I taught dance and coordinated a production with international group of people and had an opportunity to travel various countries for several years.

I love traveling, dance and movies. Meeting and working with people has always been and will always be something I pursue in my life. I enjoy getting inspired from people and having an impact on each other.

I can’t wait to meet each of you and get to know the individuals this summer. If you are still looking for something to delight your life, join this adventure with us!

(Yui Mihara – Assistant General Manager in the Summer ‘10 Road Team)

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