Meet Rianne de Rijke – participant in summer 2011!

Rianne de Rijke

Hello everybody!

My name is Rianne de Rijke and I’m 24 years old. I live in Rotterdam in The Netherlands and I’m studying Japanese language and culture at Leiden University.

This year will be my second time travelling to Japan and also my second year with World Campus – Japan program. I will participate in the session 1, so I will be going to Omura in Nagasaki and Omuta in Fukuoka.

Last year I had loads of fun meeting new people from all over the world and staying with my host families. I also learned a lot about Japan and about other countries. What I enjoyed the most was doing the Thank You event with everyone and going to local schools to play with the children and learn about education in Japan.

For this year, I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I also hope to have as much fun as I did last year and to learn even more, especially about the education system, since I hope to be a teacher some day.

See you in Japan!

With love,


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