Meet Maki Honda, Operations Manager for World Campus – Japan Program 2016!



My name is Maki Honda and I am the Operations Manager of World Campus International, Inc.. I’ll be traveling with you all and working for all the logistics stuff during the program. I’m from Kumamoto, Japan where some of the World Campus – Japan program participants gets to visit every summer! (And a black bear next to me on the picture is the official mascot of my city, Kumamon!)

I’ve been working for WCI since 2012, the first two summers as one of the program counselors and the last two years as a manager. I always enjoy meeting new people and learning new cultures by traveling and working with the international group of people. Even though I was born and raised in Japan, traveling with the World Campus – Japan program allowed me to rediscover so many things about my own country and myself, and it has given me such a great opportunities to learn about the world. I am so proud to have these valuable experiences which not many people could have.

One of the greatest skills I’ve gained in World Campus – Japan program is international awareness which I could utilize for being a global citizen, and now I am in charge of some intercultural exchange programs and activities for Japanese students in my hometown, Kumamoto. Since I’ve been working in a quite unique environment, I’ve always wanted to let them see the world from a global perspective. It is really exciting to work with them and see their growth!

Participating the World Campus – Japan program will be a once in a lifetime experience for you! You will learn a lot more than you expect, not only about Japanese cultures but also about your own values, and all the experiences you get during the program will make you a bigger person!

Welcome to Japan! I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Maki Honda (Japan)

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