Meet Berthalina Hernandez from Mexico/USA in Summer 2009!

Berthalina Hernandez


My name is Berthalina and I am the Education Manager for the World Campus International Summer ’09 tour. I am originally from Mexico, but for the last ten years I’ve made Colorado my home.

I am honored to be a part of World Campus – Japan once more and have the opportunity to experience Japan and it’s amazing culture all over again. Last year was my first time involved with this program and also my first visit to this beautiful country and I simply fell in love with both.

I am thrilled to be able to combine two of my greatest passions: travel and education. Being a member of organizations such as Up with People, Sister Cities International and World Campus International, has opened many doors which have allowed me to travel the globe and experience a variety of cultures in unique and meaningful ways.

In Denver, I teach English as a second language (ESL) to high school students from a variety of countries all over the world. I LOVE my job! As an ESL teacher, not only do I get to go to “work” by making a difference in children’s lives, but also learn and discover new things every single day… Plus, I also get an entire summer off to take advantage of opportunities like this one! 🙂

I can’t wait to have the chance to get to know each and every one of the participants and community members involved with our tour this summer. This will be a life-changing experience for everyone involved in this great program and I simply cannot wait to share this adventure with all of you!

(Berthalina Hernandez – Education Manager in the July/Aug. ’09 Road Team)

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