Host family day in Isehara

Nagashi soumen with host families in Isehara
Nagashi soumen with host families in Isehara

Every week there is a host family day, where we spend the whole day with our host families doing activities they have planned. We spent most of the day in the back yard, where we had a barbeque with friends of the family. We had a great time comparing Norwegian and Japanese phrases, and talking about Norwegian food and geography.

We played a game where one is blindfolded, and had to hit a watermelon with a wooden sword after spinning in circles and being directed by the audience. After many near hits and misses, we managed to break it, and we shared the carcass among us. We also visited one of the friends who lived nearby, and spent the rest of the evening playing billiards with the other WCI participants at a bar.

It was really nice to spend more time with the family so I got to know them better, and to see how they interacted and talked with their friends. You really get a unique perspective on how life is in Japan this way. The host family days were probably the best days of the program, so if you are going, look forward to them!

Jørgen Eri, Norway

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