Happy surprises

suprise meetings are great

fun with suprise visitor

World Campus – Japan receives quite a few unexpected visitors. Most of the time it is very random but very rewarding. An interesting pack of foreigners definitely attracts attention.

During our stay in Abiko, serendipity struck again as we met Michelle from Australia. She was actually visiting her brother, who works in Japan. A Japanese friend saw a flyer and told Michelle about a group of foreigners were taking a nature walk.

“I wanted to meet this international group and actually see some nature instead of shopping.”

Although it was her first day with us, Michelle seemed right at home as a member of World Campus – Japan during our walk around Lake Teganuma. Everyone enjoyed her company and we really appreciate her for joining us! Our time together was limited but the experience will never be forgotten.

“It was a very peaceful walk with a very fun group of people! The walk was relaxing and I met a lot of people, it was good.”

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