Finally, Arigatou Event!

Date of Activity: August 23rd

Finally, Arigato event! I might have been a little tired in the morning, because I forgot to bring my “show cloths” at my host family. But my host father, Shigeru-san, brought it and I was saved. I did not have any problem in rehearsal, but I started to get nervous when I saw a big audience, and I made a mistake while dancing. However, I could say to myself “Daijobu” when I found Shigeru-otosan wearing green T-shirt in the audience. Though it was exhausting day, everybody put a great energy and had so much fun together.

(Yuting Chen, China)

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One thought on “Finally, Arigatou Event!”

  1. I like catching a sight of the young man who is frolicking happily very much.As expected, all the young men of each country were very fine and gave vigor to our area.Thank you for visiting Abiko!!!(Shigeru Yamaguch=65)

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