Activities with the Local People of Abiko

Date of activity: August 20th

Today, we made “Udon” for lunch. “Udon” are thick noodles you eat with salty soup. It was made with organic flour, and it was chewier than any other “Udon” I have tasted before. But I really liked it that way – it was the best I have ever tasted.

We also drew the design for the bamboo lanterns we are going to make tomorrow. I decided to cut out the shape of the Kanji “空” (sora). It’s my favorite Kanji, and it means “sky”. It chose it because Abiko has a beautiful sky. Also, because of last year’s earthquake, a lot of people died or lost friends and family, and it made people very sad; I want to turn the sad feelings into feelings of hope.

(Maki Ohshima, Japan)

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