Sign Language with Suita!

This youtube video shows, WCI Norwegian alumnus, Henning Rodtwitt teaching sign language to the LOC members and host families as a part of the community event in Suita city, Osaka. During this event we also had great messages from past WCI participants expressing their appreciation and love for Suita. World Campus-Japan is not just a 5 session program! There is always WCI preparation and events going on all year round! Check this out and hope to see you in Japan!


Maki Honda (Kumamoto):


Celiana Dolovitz Meneses (Venezuela):
World Campus – Japan has been an amazing experience for me because it has giving me the chance, in two years, to experience 4 different families.

A family of a hard working LOC who happens to be the mom of one of my life time best friends Yui. What an amazing chance to get to know her family.
Another hard working and super Host mom, who has a huge list of host kids all around the world and a husband that it is truly a dad for I am sure all of us who have been part of their family.

A family of hikers and mountain climbers that gave me not only cooking classes but also tips to go up Mount Fuji! ~ Grandpa greeted me everyday with a few words in Spanish and mom who accepted me after having many doubts taught me sign language… priceless.

Finally, a family of 3 generations of girls that included a new born baby. I was part of the family picture, a memory i will never forget! I now have a sister for life, thanks Aya and your family. Thanks to all for giving me your smiles, a place to sleep and most important, your trust! I learned a lot in each and everyone of your homes!

Love you all!


Ellery Oosterberg (The Netherlands):
大阪は一番 Is written on one of my Facebook profile photos. However that is how I feel after visiting Japan last summer. Even though Osaka is a big city it still has the warmth hand of a smaller town. I lost count of how many times I went to Nanba or Umeda, so much do I love the city.

It is also to my great Host family from Suita that I fell in love with Osaka. They are the ones who showed me around Osaka and her great secret spots. And to be really honest I think it says something that I went back to Osaka during my 2 breaks.

As for this message, which is written in the cold weather of the Netherlands, it is a short one however I will return to Osaka next year to show my appreciation to Osaka even more!
I love you all and I miss you all! And also the best Christmas wishes to everyone!

Best greetings ,
Ellery Oosterberg


Iris Spruit (The Netherlands):
Thank you all for the great time we had in Suita. We did some fun activities and although it was really hot, I enjoyed it. Not only the activities we did in Suita but also my host family made my time in Suita a great time. They were really nice to me and we did a lot of fun things. I miss them and I would love to come back to Suita and see them again. I really feel like I’m part of their family.

I hope we’ll meet again someday!


Paulina Meza (Mexico):
I send lots of love to my host family in Suita! I enjoyed my stay very much, and everyone made me feel welcome. Thank you for having me over during the summer! I hope to see everyone again, thank you also for your effort. I really appreciate it and will never forget my time in Suita! Best vibes!

It was a life-changing adventure

I was with World Campus International during the summer of 2010, and I was never the same after that. I feel that it changed me in ways I never thought it would. And for the better.

When I first applied to the program, I did it because I wanted to know Japan not from the point of view of a tourist, but from the local communities. Once I read about WCI, I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. Staying with host families, helping the local communities, getting to know the culture from the inside – it sounded perfect. But nothing could prepare me for the emotional rollercoaster that I was about to enter.

When I arrived at Tama (Tokyo), one of the members of the staff told me: “Welcome to an hell of a ride!”. I remember to think that he was just trying to be funny and dynamic. By the end of the program, I realized that he was not joking.

My experience with the host-families was simply amazing. I connected so much to them that, even 2 years after my experience with WCI, I keep in touch with them on a weekly basis. I really feel like they are my family. Also, the WCI group and all the experiences we went through together created really strong bonds. I already visited some of my friends that I met there, and I received them at my house, in Portugal, too! And not only the WCI friends, but also japanese friends that I met during our activities.

I remember that, on the last day in Japan, we were asked to comment on the highlights of the trip. I was crying so much that it was really hard to do it. I was crying because I made bonds in such a small amount of time, that I never thought I would. I stepped so many times out of my comfort zone during the trip that I felt so much stronger and confident, that even made me confuse. It was intense. Really intense. And wonderful.

And I will come back, for sure. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do so in 2013. I hope you can join me too!

Ana Margarida Cardoso (Portugal)