2012 WCJ Session 1 experience

In Omura, our participants will have a chance to experience “Japanese elementary school and Jr. high school life” by visiting their schools and participating in their school activities. They will also have a day in the city of Nagasaki to visit the peace museum, listen to the A-bomb survivor speech, and visit the Dutch/Chinese districts.

In Omuta, our participants will have “in depth” and unique interactions with two of their elementary schools and high school and discussions regarding the education systems in Japan and various countries.

Meet Maki Honda 2012 in Japan

Maki Honda


My name is Maki Honda and I’ll be a counselor for the World Campus – Japan 2012 summer program. I live in Kumamoto city where some of you will visit in the 2nd session. I’ve been working for this program as a Local Organizing Committees staff since 2007, and this is my first time to join the tour of World Campus -Japan.

I love to travel, so I’m so glad to have opportunities to visit new places and stayed with Japanese host families through this program. And I’m looking forward to receiving you to the program and to my home town, Kumamoto city.

I’m so excited to be a part of the staff of World Campus -Japan this summer, and I hope all of you will have great experiences in Japan! I’m waiting for all of you!

Maki Honda

Meet Kyle Chan 2012 in Japan

Kyle Chan

Hello All!

My name is Kyle and I’m from San Diego, California in the United States. I’m beyond excited to join World Campus International for my first semesters as one of your counselors! For the last half of 2010 and for all of 2011 I participated and worked for Up With People and at Camp Up With People, US based international organization and I’m excited experience everything in the Japan World Campus – Japan program. I’m very eager to learn about new cultures and different people so I can’t wait to learn not just about the Japanese culture but the culture of the participants in the program. Please feel free to ask me anything you a like and if you ever need someone to talk to please let me know.

I’m ecstatic to meet all of you and have this incredible experience together!

Kyle Chan

Meet Celiana Dolovitz 2012 in Japan

Celi Dolovitz


My name is Celiana Dolovitz, my friends call me Celi. I am the Education Manager for the 2012 Summer program, I am from Venezuela but I have been living in Mexico for 3 years now. As Education Manager I will be guiding the participants to have a great experience learning about Japan.

This is my 3rd year as a staff of World Campus International and I keep coming back because the experience is very unique. I have been traveling and working in International environments for many years and Japan is one of my favorite places with everything from technology to nature.

World Campus International is giving me, once again, the opportunity to get to know people from different countries and share my culture while I travel through beautiful Japan creating great relationships with the group I will travel with and with the people from the places we will visit.

Can’t wait to start and meet you all.

(Celi Dolovitz – Education Manager Summer ’12 Road Team)

Meet Torunn Olsen 2012 in Japan

Torunn Olsen


My name is Torunn, but you can call me Tori. I come from the exotic land of Norway. Currently, I am a law student at the University of Oslo.

During this year’s World Campus – Japan program I am going to be working as a counselor, my job being to support and guide the participants through the adventure that is World Campus. Also, I will assist the rest of the staff with their tasks.

I am very fond of languages, Japanese in particular. Even though my formal education in Japanese is very limited, I try to make the most of every chance to learn more. Besides, the distinctive hard-working attitude of the Japanese people continues to awe and inspire me. That is why I decided to visit Japan two years ago. It is also my reason for returning the following year, but then as a participant in the World Campus – Japan program. Although my expectations were high, as I am sure yours are, my experiences surpassed them. World Campus did indeed show me Japan from an insider’s perspective. But I did not expect I would become a part of the Japanese community, and the community a part of me.

Needless to say, I firmly believe that we will have an amazing time together in Japan this summer, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity to share memories and experiences that may inspire you to be a global citizen.

Torunn Olsen