Meet Celiana Dolovitz 2012 in Japan

Celi Dolovitz


My name is Celiana Dolovitz, my friends call me Celi. I am the Education Manager for the 2012 Summer program, I am from Venezuela but I have been living in Mexico for 3 years now. As Education Manager I will be guiding the participants to have a great experience learning about Japan.

This is my 3rd year as a staff of World Campus International and I keep coming back because the experience is very unique. I have been traveling and working in International environments for many years and Japan is one of my favorite places with everything from technology to nature.

World Campus International is giving me, once again, the opportunity to get to know people from different countries and share my culture while I travel through beautiful Japan creating great relationships with the group I will travel with and with the people from the places we will visit.

Can’t wait to start and meet you all.

(Celi Dolovitz – Education Manager Summer ’12 Road Team)

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